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Different ways to tell the quality of a paint brush

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1. Use your fingers to comb the brush head to see if there is any filament falling off.

If there is a large amount of  filament  falling off, the quality is definitely not good,

and it is a substandard product.

2. The gram weight of the paint brush, identify whether the gram weight or thickness  of the bulk paint brush filament is the same as the contract requirements or the

same as the proofing sample.

3. Hold the bristles with your fingers and let the bristles spread out.

The smoother the arc of the bristles, the better the quality of the brush.

4. When identifying the bristles, you can choose to blow them with a hair dryer.

The curly ones are synthetic hairs, the undeformed ones are animal hairs,

and the partially curled ones are mixed hairs.

5. In terms of color, the ones with better luster but not shining are animal hairs,

and the ones that are shining or have different colors are generally mixed hairs.

6.Check if the tip of the brush head is on a straight line instead of jagged.

7. Check for glue seepage. See if there is any glue dilution or coagulation at the joint   between the  filament  (bristle) of the paint brush and the iron shell.

8. Whether there is a gap. Check whether there is any looseness in the assembly

joint between the iron shell and the brush handle.

9. Hold the iron shell and the handle, shake it, and test whether the iron shell is

loose. If it is loose, it means that the nails are not firm, and it is a substandard


10. Check whether the specific packaging/inner box label/outer box mark/barcode

sticker is accurate.

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