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Distinguish between bristle, nylon, and wool paint brushes

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Brush is an important tool for paint brushing. Common paint brushes on the market include: bristle brush, nylon brush and wool brush. Their production, use and brushing characteristics are different.

Differences in their own characteristics

Bristle Brush:

The bristle brush is made of high-quality bristles for heavier paint coats.



good elasticity

Wide range of uses

Durable and lint-free

In addition to painting, it can also be used to remove dust from computer cases

and corners of your home

Mainly used for the coating of wood wax oil and wood oil

Even brushing, convenient and quick construction

Nylon brush:

The water-based nylon brush is suitable for all kinds of water-based paint, water-based paint, spray painting, baking, barbecue, dust removal, etc.




Silky and elastic

Can be bent continuously

no shedding

smooth hair peaks

After painting, the paint film is delicate and textured

Wool brush:

Wool brushes are relatively soft and are generally used for brushing paint. The effect of the bristles is better than that of the bristle brush, and the corresponding price is also higher than that of the bristle brush.



The brush contains a lot of paint

Good leveling

It can evenly spit out paint, making the paint surface smooth and consistent in thickness

Not easy to leave brush lines and bristles on the paint surface

Smooth to the touch during construction

Differences in the use of paint

Pig hair is hard, and bristle brushes are suitable for brushing oily wood paints. The wool brush is relatively soft and is generally used for brushing paint; the viscosity of water-based paint is high, when brushing with a brush, the bristles are easy to stick to the water-based paint, and it is not easy to apply. Therefore, it is recommended that you use water-based nylon brushes for water-based paint brushes.

Differences in cleaning

Bristle and wool brushes are recommended to be cleaned with thinner after use, while water-based nylon brushes can be cleaned with water, detergent or soapy water.

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