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How to choose a paint brush

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1. Choose a paint brush with high-quality materials

The paint brush processing materials mainly include wool, pig hair, elastic silk and other materials, and different materials have different characteristics. Before choosing, the first thing to make sure is that the quality of these materials is up to standard.

2. It is better to choose sheep tail wool

When choosing a wool brush, try to choose sheep's tail hair as much as possible, and the production process of paint brush should choose single-level production process, the quality of the brush made by this processing technology is better.

3. Choose the right brush size

When choosing a paint brush, you should choose the appropriate size and number of brushes according to the area to be painted and the type of paint. Usually, for larger construction areas, in addition to choosing small brushes, large brushes should also be selected, combining large and small brushes to improve the speed and quality of painting.


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