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Natural Vs Synthetic Bristle

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what are natural and synthetic bristle?

Natural bristle paint brushes are made with varuous animal furs and hairs. The most common animals hair are pig hair, horse tail, goat hair. Brushes can contain either the hair of one animal, a combination, or a mix between synthetic fibers and natural hair.

Synthetic bristle paint brushes are made with melted and spun polymers such as nylon and other plastics. The majority of high quality synthetic brushes use imitation PBT and nylon, which is desgined to imitation hair shape.Even Though natural brushes used to be superior to synthetic, these now boast pointed ends rather than a blunt, straight cut to be able to challenge the softness and performance of the other.

Why natural bristle is more better than synthetic bristle of the painting holding and release?

Natural Bristle Brushes have hair cuticle, so they absorb the painting into the fibers. This makes them better for painting more longer and save labor time. As the bristles are more porous, these brushes can pick up oil-based painting better, which makes them good for exterior surface treatment.

Synthetic Bristle Brushes do not have hair cuticle, so they can not absorb the painting well into the fibers. From the aspect of painting holding and release of oil-based painting, Synthetic Bristle can not do good job as natural bristle. However, it is more better applying in water based painting.

Why we developed natural bristle imitation filament—JD SMART A?

Due to the shortage of natural animal hair, the high price and the changes in the global market, we have studied the hair cuticle and dorous of natural animal hair to make the new imitation bristle filament—we called JD SMART A.

The advanatge of smart A compared with natural bristle is more softer and good performace of painting a line.

The advanatge of smart A compared with synthetic bristle is more painting holding and release and good application of both water based and oil based painting.

If you want test report of Smart A, feel free to contact with us to get them.

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