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Paint brush-An important role of paint tools

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Paint tools are the products used when applying paint. There are many types of paint tools. The selection and use of paint tools must be determined according to the specific construction environment.
The most familiar paint tools are paintbrushes, sanding knives, spraying equipment, etc. The functional division of various paint tools makes the construction more convenient and the effect more ideal.
Among the paint tools, one of the most important roles is the paintbrush.

Paint Brush
Paint brushes have a wide range of uses, specifications and styles.

1. Flat brush
2. Angle Brush
3. Wall Brush
4. Artist Brush
5. Ceiling Brush
6. Oval Brush
7. Detail brush:

This can be subdivided into: Triangle brush, Round brush, Fan brush, etc.

In addition, flat brushes, oblique brushes, and elliptical brushes all have long-handled styles, which are suitable for painting positions beyond the reach of human hands, and can reach some higher or farther areas. It brings great convenience to the painting work.
1. Natural bristle paint brush

2. Mixed bristle paint brush

3. Synthetic Filament paint brush

Synthetic Filament paint brush:Mainly suitable for water based paints vs oil based paints, very durable, has excellent paint absorption, great for detail work, can withstand multiple washes without changing the shape or shape of the bristles.

Natural bristle brush: mainly suitable for oil-based paints and various chemical solvents, it can pick up, fix and distribute natural pigments with almost no brush marks after brushing.

Mixed bristle paint brush: Mainly suitable for oil-based paint, usually bristles and imitation bristles are mixed.

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