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Tapered Brush Filament

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In daily life, the filaments of all kinds of brushes we see are all sharpened. There are usually two sharpening methods for chemical fiber brush filaments, physical sharpening, and chemical sharpening.

The general method of sharpening chemical fiber brush materials is to hydrolyze them (hydrolysis reaction). High temperature sharpening treatment.

1. Different brush filaments are suitable for different levels of acid and alkali concentrations when sharpened. First of all, we will test to determine the required acidity according to the type of filament.

2. Put the brush filament in the designated position of the acid agent for high-temperature sharpening.

3. During the sharpening process, check the degree of reflection of the brush filament several times, and continue to check until they are completed, then wash the brush filament and measure the filament diameter to see if it meets the standard.

4. Finally, place the finished sharpening filament in the exact position.

When performing the sharpening process, the most important thing is the concentration of acid and alkali. If it is too high, it will cause the brush filament to break and become short.

According to the needs of different types of brushes, sharpening filaments are also divided into single-end sharpening filaments and double-end sharpening filaments.

Single-end sharpened filaments are commonly used in:

Paint Brush

Oil paint brushes

Double-ended sharpening filaments are commonly used in:


Hair dye brush

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