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The use of a bristle brush

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A bristle brush, as the name suggests, is a brush made of bristles. The bristle brush made of this kind of bristle has the characteristics of high resilience, not easy to deform, and wear resistance, so it is often used in various industries.

So, do you know what the function of the bristle brush is?

Here is an inventory for everyone: what are the main uses of bristle brushes, and what are the corresponding industries?

Use 1: Rust removal

Rust removal is mainly used for some rust removal processes and coating removal processes. For example, rust removal of metal sheets, removal of spray paint coatings, deburring of plastic products, etc.

Use 2: polishing and grinding

Polishing and grinding are used in the deep processing industry of glass products.

For example, in the polishing and grinding of glass lenses, after the glass is cut, the right-angled edges will be very sharp, and it is easy to cut fingers. At this time, you need to use a bristle brush to play a big role.

Use 3: Grinding and deburring

Mobile phone camera and flash hole grinding process. Your iPhone camera, for example, actually needs a pig hair brush to deburr. Of course, in addition to mobile phone products, smart wear, and digital production industries often use bristle brushes to polish and remove thorns.

Use 4: polishing and coloring

Pig bristle brushes are also commonly used in the deep processing industry of stone, jewelry, and cultural products for polishing and coloring their utensils. For example, Wenwan Buddha statues, Wenwan walnuts... These Wenwan objects must first be polished with a brush, and then painted with oil.

Generally speaking, in industry, the brush mainly plays the role of polishing, deburring, and rust removal. Therefore, the industries used by bristle brushes are also quite extensive. This is the end of today's introduction to the use of brushes. I hope to be helpful.

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