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What is the best material for a paint brush?

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About 30 years ago, Almost of the paint brush are made of animal hairs, Especially the pig hair, Because pig hair is not enough stiff and not enough softer. Through the microscope from the bottom of pig hair, you can see many holes in it. Observe its body, you will see a lot of hairy scales. The holes and Hairy scales helps to hold more painting holding and great release.


Also at that time, the painting are based on oil based painting. Animal hairs have a great advantage of oil and solvent painting.


With the requirements of environmental protection in western countries, many paint companies have developed water-based paints. At the same time, the output of natural bristles has decreased because Chinese farmers do not raise pigs in deep mountains. Market demand promotes the development of technology


About 20 years ago, the first filament abrasive extrusion machine came to China from Japan.


Current Abrasive Extursion Machinejingdu brush

Equivalent to natural bristles, the price of brush filament is relatively cheap, so the production of brush filament replaces the bristles to a large extent.


There are currently several types of brush filaments


l Solid

l Mini-hollow

l Three-holes

l Big hollow

l Cross-section

l Five Star

pig hair

Generally, most of the brush filament using are solid and mini-hollow.


Please more information about the main brush filament each advantage and disadvantage, please check following:


Solid: Advantage: it is softer tip and Smooth

Disadvantage: Heavy and not much good painting absorption

Mini Hollow: Advantage: Good Painting Absorption and light

Disadvantage: Rough

Cross-section: Advantage: Good Painting Absorption

Disadvantage: the body is hard, not softer.


With less and less bristles, Yangzhou Jingdu Brush Co.,Ltd have developed a high imitation bristles--- called JD SMART A, JD COPPER A.


Our design concept is to refer to the bristles, which need to be hollow and have fish scales on the body to get the best painting holding and release.


Please check the following link about the test report of JD SMART A in the water and oil based painting:





If you need more report about the bristle or brush filament, please feel free to contact with us:








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