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What is the china bristle?

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China bristle, the raw material is pig hair, why pig hair, because pig hair can be softer and can be hard.


China bristle (pig hair) have three natural colors: white, black, grey. White color is softer, it is suitable for making paint brush, shoe brush. Natural Black Color is hard enough, it is suitable for making polish brush. Natural Grey bristle is more suitable for hair brush.


The bristles of different colors are due to the different growth environment and the type of pig.


Speaking of the term military supplies, many people's first reaction is weapons, steel, fuel and other items, because these things play a huge role in wartime. But there is one thing I believe most people would never think of. During World War II, traffic was blocked and it was once a very tight military material, which was rushed to buy by the governments of many countries, and that was the bristles.


The so-called pig bristles are the hair on the neck and back of pigs. The main purpose is to make various brushes. The brushes made of pig bristles are strong and tough, flexible and not easy to deform, and will not be affected by the environment and temperature. Before the rise of plastic chemical fiber It is irreplaceable. During World War II, it was necessary to paint weapons, clean up weapons and equipment, gun barrels and barrels. It is not only used in the military industry, but also used in private production of toothbrushes and paint brushes.


Due to the requirements of pig breeds, the performance of bristles in other countries is not good. Only China's bristles have the best performance. Therefore, China has always been a major exporter of bristles, reaching more than 70% of the global bristle market. However, after the beginning of World War II, China's external transportation was interrupted, and the bristles could not be shipped out. Many countries were suddenly destroyed. Among them, the United States is the most anxious because it is the world's largest bristle market and has the greatest demand.


In 1939, the U.S. ambassador to China urgently contacted the Chinese government to buy all the bristles in Chongqing. The Soviet Union and the United Kingdom were also anxious when they heard the news. Several countries sat down in a meeting to discuss how to distribute the batch of bristles. The U.S. government even listed bristles as a Class A strategic material, which used to be weapons and munitions before entering this level.


Moreover, civilian use is strictly prohibited and only supplied to the military. Civilian brush factories must obtain government permission and strict restrictions on making brushes. The famous hump route transported a large amount of bristles to the United States at that time. Japan also looted China's bristles during the war of aggression against China.


Throughout World War II, China's total export of bristles reached more than 30 million U.S. dollars, which was the cost of an aircraft carrier at that time! The bristles sold to the United States even reached 80% of China's total exports. The seemingly humble bristles really made a lot of contributions during the Anti-Japanese War. Although there are many substitutes for bristles, brushes made of bristles are still very popular, and their performance is unmatched by other materials. China is still the world’s largest exporter of bristles.

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