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What is the different of raw material of paint roller?

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                                      What is the different of raw material of paint roller?

As we know, commonly, we will use following material for making paint roller. So let’s discuss what is the difference of each?

     The raw material of paint roller:   

  • Knitted Polyester

  • Woven Polyester

  • Microfiber

  • Polyamide

  • Acrylic

  • Mohair(30%, 50%, 70%, 100%)

  • Nylon

FoamThe factor of raw material of paint roller:

  • Pile high (5mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm and so on)

  • Density (800grams, 1000grams, 1300 grams and so on) 

  • More Density, More Painting Pick up    

The painting holding and Release (Same Density compare)

Used in water-based or oil-based painting compare

Advantage and Disadvantage

Material Advantage Disadvantage
Knitted Polyester Suitable for flat or satin paints (acrylic, latex, oil-based) stains and waterproofing coating, good eara coverage Hair loss, bad water absorption
Woven Polyester Lint Free and fast coverage with all paints, perfect layer thickness and ultar smooth surface in one coat Paint more slowly, not good in water absorption
Microfiber Feels to be smooth and soft, it’s suitable for all paints, and good for paint pick-up and especially for wood stains and wood preservative treatments Not good in water absorption
Polyamide With very excellent intergrated performance, it is extremely durable, good for paint pick up and dispersion, can be repeatedly used, suitable for stiff paint and facades painting A little hair loss
Acrylic Softer feeling, preventing shedding, durable and high efficiency in painting. Good Quality for walls and facades Expensive
Mohair Durable in use, can achieve very smooth finishing after painting and can be used for water based and solvent base coating Expensive
Nylon The best painting holding and release, Most Durable, and not hair loss, Good for solvent-based lacquers, water based lacquers and highly solvent containing paint, lint free Expensive



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