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What types of paint brushes are there?

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1. Wool brush

Brushes made of wool are very common in the decoration industry. The paint brush has long peaks, thick hair peaks, no hair loss and good elasticity. With this brush, the paint surface is smoother and the thickness is more consistent.

2. Elastic synthetic filament brush

A brush made of yarn processed from a textured fiber is called an elastic brush because the yarn has a good stretch function. Often used on outerwear and interiors, this brush is a unique paint aid.

3. Bristle brush

Using pig hair as the main raw material, it has the characteristics of good toughness, not easy to deform, good elasticity, high temperature resistance, humidity resistance and so on. When using this brush, it can not only adapt to various humid and high temperature environments, but also make the construction material have an anti-static effect.

4. Roller brush

The paint brush used with the paint tray is also the most labor-saving and time-saving brush at present. When the ceiling and other high walls need to be painted, connect the extension rod to the paint brush, and then you can easily handle the high paint painting.


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