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Which brush using which material better?

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Which brush using which material better?

Brushes are an essential part of human life, But do we know what is the material of these brushes?


For example:

l Paint Brush, made of natural bristle, or bristle mixture filament or synthetic filament.

l Artist Paint Brush, Made of Bleached Bristle, PBT Synthetic filament

l Shoe Brush, Made of Horse Tail, natural bristle, bristle mixture filament

l Broom Brush, Made of Horse Tail, Natural bristle, synthetic filament, pp filament

l Polish Brush, Made of natural bristle, horse tail,

l Hair Brush, Made of natural bristle, brush filament


The following are the difference of natural and synthetic:


Natural                                         Synthetic

Pig hair bristle                       PET FILAMNET

Goat hair                               PBT FILAMENT

Horse hair                             PP FILAMENT

Coconut fiber                       Nylon PA6 , PA66, PA612

If you make paint brush, the pig bristle is the best choice, because if you use microscope to watch the pig bristle, it has many holes in it which is very good for painting holding and release. And bristle is natural, it is more durable, and tip of bristle is liking flower, the trimmed and smooth is the best. On other hand, because of the high cost of natural bristle and shortage of natural bristle, customers choose PBT and PET filament to make paint brush. PBT and PET filament is now the common products for customers choose as following reasons:

l Much cheaper than natural bristle

l If not high temperature working area, it is meet standard painting requirements

l Water-based painting famous, PBT and PET filament is more better on this painting

l The disadvantage of pet and PBT filament is that it is not much durable than bristle



If you make shoe brush, the horse tail is the best choice, is it not more stiff than bristle, and not softer than goat hair, so it is best choice for shoe brush. Also the shoe brush do not need the tip


If you make polish brush, the long size natural black bristle is the best choice, it is enough stiff and not fade color compared with printed black.


If you make makeup brush, the best choice is goat hair and PBT filament, because it is softer enough.


If you make hair brush, the natural black bristle short size and PA66 is the best choice, it is more stiff and anti- high-temperature.


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Written: Sunny Wang

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