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Why not choose recycle material of brush filament?

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Customers mightbe say why your price is high? Why do not use recycle material material?

Let me explain to you one by one:

1. Recycle material can not sure how many PBT and how many PET in the material, so the same powder, same weight, the color would be different each batch. The products made from recycle materials are unstable, and the products made from each batch of materials cannot be guaranteed to be the same.

2. Recycle material can not control well of the tapered of brush filament, because different PBT mixture PET, in the same temperature and same container, The degree of chemical reaction is different, so it would be influence of the length of the brush filament, when workers making brush head, it would be have problems

3. The recycle material is easy to break and easy to be brittle, so the life cycle of use is short. Tensile strength and toughness are not good.


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