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  • 2023-03-13

    1. Synthetic fiberSynthetic fibers are different from natural fibers. According to their molecular composition, they have unique properties such as high strength, light weight, easy washing and quick drying, good elasticity, and no fear of mildew. At present, their application in the field of brush

  • 2023-02-28

    In daily life, the filaments of all kinds of brushes we see are all sharpened. There are usually two sharpening methods for chemical fiber brush filaments, physical sharpening, and chemical sharpening. The general method of sharpening chemical fiber brush materials is to hydrolyze them (hydrolysis r

  • 2023-02-12

    PBT Tapered Brush FilamentIn the domestic market, the material used for most tapered brush filament is PBT polyester.In our daily life, tapered brush filament is everywhere. It is also widely used. Toothbrush filamentPBT monofilament has excellent properties such as good elasticity, lodging resistan

  • 2023-01-09

    When our customers first enter our booth or sample room, the first thing they will do with paintbrush is using hand to over the brush and pull gently; you shouldn't find more than a couple of loose bristles. Second, they will check if there are short size bristle in it, which is also not good qualit

  • 2022-12-19

    Bristle is an important traditional materialBristle mainly refers to the long and hard bristles on the back of pigs, and the long and hard bristles on other parts, and those with a length of more than 1.5 inches are also called bristles. Bristle featuremoderate hardnessoilyRigid and elasticHumidity

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